The Purchasing Process

  1. 502 Motorworks builds these models from scratch using original blueprints and bucks developed using 3D scanning technology as well as historical documentation.
  2. Customer can order automobiles from 502 Motorworks, at which point a contract is signed and an initial deposit of 25% of the finished cost is made for the cost of the automobile selected. At this point, the customer will also sign a contract outlining the build specification and any options selected for their car.
  3. 502 Motorworks staff requires a mandatory visit to the our facility in Louisville, Kentucky once the chassis and body are completed, but prior to paint and drive train installation so that the customer can meet the 502 Motorworks staff that will be building their automobile. We feel that this allows for a good foundation for customer involvement in the build process, and keeps everyone in the loop to assist with additional questions or concerns when they return home and the car is ultimately delivered.
  4. Additional periodic payments are made by the customer to 502 Motorworks as work progresses up to the 75% completion of the car. These payments are made based on invoices sent to the customer by 502 Motorworks, and each accrues towards the 75% overall value of the vehicle being worked on. The remaining 25% payment is not required until the car is completed.
  5. We encourage a second trip to the 502 Motorworks facility to see the car as it progresses and to answer any questions that may arise at that time.
  6. Upon completion our staff performs a post-build run-in period and inspection to ensure that the cars are fully shook down prior to the customer taking delivery. During this process we will put a minimum of 500 miles on the newly built car. We have Bayless Insurance just for this process and will be glad to provide to our clients a comprehensive copy of our insurance package including umbrella coverage.
  7. Upon completion of the road testing phase, the customer is required to make a final payment. We encourage customers to inspect the vehicle in person and sign off on the car prior to making this final payment.
  8. 502 Motorworks will send via overnight mail, the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) and a final bill of sale to the end-customer prior to the car being loaded on enclosed transport for final delivery. The MSO will be signed by our staff and will be properly notarized and stamped for easy transfer to the State or Province of the customer's choosing.
  9. 502 Auto Club will use one of our preferred shippers to provide enclosed transport to the end customer and will bill for this service separately.
  10. Any warranty items or major service required during the normal warranty period that cannot be performed locally at the end customer's location can and will be provided at the 502 Motorworks shop. If warranty work can be performed at the customer's location, but a suitable local service shop cannot be located, we will be glad to travel to the customer.

Available Cars

502 Spyder

502 Slabside

Jaguar C-Type

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